What is Branch House Family Center?

Branch House Family Center is a collaborative community advocacy center that helps survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault begin the healing process from a position of safety and support. Branch House coordinates free services for survivors and provides assistance for meeting immediate and long-term needs, including medical and legal assistance. On-site services include representatives from local agencies that have been specially trained to provide assistance to people who have experienced domestic or sexual violence. and include of the law enforcement community, legal counselors, and advocates. Staff can also provide information about other community resources such as child protective services, shelters, and public assistance programs.

The first priority in any situation involving domestic violence or sexual assault is to establish a safe and stable environment for the survivor. Physical and emotional pain can cloud judgment and make it difficult to know how to respond to these events and navigate complicated decisions involving housing, children, and legal processes. You do not have to handle these situations alone.. If you have experienced domestic violence or sexual assault, it is imperative that you seek assistance immediately. Branch House is a haven for survivors and a place of compassionate support for the difficult decisions that follow domestic abuse or sexual assault. Clients are not required to file a police report or press criminal charges in order to receive services at Branch House (though Branch House staff must follow mandatory reporting guidelines for certain crimes).

Branch House Mission

Branch House Family Center advocates for and empowers survivors of abuse through unified community engagement, education, and collaboration.

Branch House Vision

A community where everyone is safe at home.

Branch House Values

Support: Providing safety, self-reliance, and opportunity
Advocacy: Zero tolerance toward all forms of interpersonal violence
Partnership: Leveraging available community resources for shared success
Collaboration: All services available under one roof